Destiny West




Destiny West is an award winning Horror Author, her first novel Lamia received outstanding reviews.  Destiny  also works as a journalist and editor, and has a special interest in old school special effects. Destiny has been obsessed with horror since she saw her first horror film at the age of four. Her inspirations are Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Philippe Mora and Hitchcock.  

Casper Jean Rimbaud



Poet, novelist, musician, and film maker Casper Jean Rimbaud is a Melbournian artist who’s sci-fi/horror novel Post Encounter was published late 2015. He is currently in post -production of his first film Dark Night Of The Werewolf, and compiling a poetry collection to be published soon. He is the founder of Multi-media art house Melbournian Psycho. He is currently working on an album to be released under The Melbournian Psycho Band. His work style has been described as ‘nuero horror’ and he counts Kubrick, Lynch and Hitchcock as his highest influences.

Philippe Mora



Legendary French-Australian director, actor and world renowned artist Philippe Mora has helped define Australian cinema for more than 40 years with classic films such as Mad Dog Morgan (starring the legendary Dennis Hopper) cult horror classic The Beast With-In, Death of a Soldier and the pop culture redefining Communion (starring Oscar winner Christopher Walken). Fractured Visions are excited and extremely humbled to include Mr Mora's vast expertise to the making of The Unhallowed.


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Edward (Ted) McQueen-Mason



Edward McQueen-Mason is an editor and production manager, known for Patrick (1978), Road Games (1981) and Parallax (2004)


Bryan McQueen-Mason



Bryan McQueen-Mason is known for his work on Stormworld (2009), Parallax (2004) and Streetsmartz (2005).


Kimberley Neilsen is a makeup & special effects artist and owner of Dark Vanity Make-Up Artistry. Having graduated with a Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services from the ACSM (Australian College of Specialist Makeup) in 2015, Kimberley has gone on to be Head of Special Effects and Make-Up for Perth indie film & series projects such as The Devils Braid and Beyond Where The Darkness Lies (both produced by Philip J Bedingfield), make-up artist for Perth Zombie Walk of 2015, as well as beauty and theatrical make-ups for filming and photo shoots. She is now assisting with special effects make-up for the movie High Strangeness, directed by Casper Jean Rimbaud and produced by Destiny West. Kimberley is a lover of horror, thriller and gory movies, and is always looking to better her skills in the art of special effects for film and television.

Kimberley Neilsen




Shelley-Anne Russell/Invisagoth



Shelley-Anne is an essential part of the Fractured Visions team. A talented all rounder - Shelley lends her craft to all areas of film maker, including creature/concept design, SFX, wardrobe, set design - her abilities are never ending.

Shelley is also the proud Mother of Fractured Visions actresses Amity and Nyssa Russell.


Juan Monzón, a.k.a. Moloch 11811, is a Spanish musician based in Canary Islands.

Although he has been the lesd vocal in local epic metal bands for 20 years, in the last 12 years has developed an experimental style influenced by Mike Oldfield or Sunn O)).

With his music he looks for inspiring fear in the audience.

Juan Monzon