Destiny West is an award winning Australian author, based in Western Australia. She has travelled all over the world, and spent some time living in the UK.

Destiny is co-owner of Fractured Visions Films and her role is Film Producer, sometimes dabbling in Concept Design and Special Effects.

Destiny also works as Editor/Boss of The Australian Short Film Network Blog, which promotes and supports Australian Indie feature length and short film makers.

She is co host of the Australian Podcast show Ozploitation and is a published, award winning author in both Horror and Erotica.

Name: Destiny West

Birthdate: 2nd December

Place of Origin: Perth, Western Australia


Favourite Authors: Definitely Richard Laymon, his work inspired me to write professionally. I also love Bill Bryson.

I really enjoy autobiographies and factual books on anything from The Supernatural to Myths and Legends. I must also confess to being an English Literature junkie – I adore classical English Poetry from the likes of Byron, Keats, Wilde and Shelley and I have devoured everything by Jane Austen & Daphne Du Maurier.


Favourite Music:  I love music, bands like HIM inspire me to write. I also love, The Tea Party, The White Stripes, Placebo, The Cure, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Beethoven,  The Angels .. really there are too many to mention.


Favourite Songs of All Time : Dead Can Dance - Host of Seraphim, HIM - Gone with the Sin, David Bowie - Life on Mars, The White Stripes - 7 nation army, The Tea Party - Temptation, Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata.


Favourite Movies: I can’t really narrow it down to a few, but let’s just say that though horror is my life, there are actually no horror movies in my top five movies of all time. A few of my all time favourite horror movies are: The Exorcist, Dawn of The Dead, Shaun of The Dead, Blood Sucking Freaks. I am also a huge fan of anything by Unearthed Films.

Who is your favourite Serial Killer? : Well I would not say I have a "favourite" serial killer, but I am intrigued mostly with Ted Bundy.




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FAVORITE FOOD: I couldn't live without sweet potato and cheese. Nationality wise I'm a huge fan of Italian, Mexican and Greek.


FAVORITE DRINK: I'm not a big alcohol drinker as I get tipsy too easily, but when I do - it's vodka all the way. Non Alcoholic - anything lemon.


ICECREAM FLAVOR - Caramel honey macadamia.


FAVORITE POSSESSION - Small stone from Chichen Itza.


IDEAL SHOPPING SPREE - Sex toys or kitchen wares, Halloween decor.


TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS - One tattoo on left ankle (woman's symbol with reversed pentagram in circle) Next one will be a scarab.


10 PEOPLE DEAD OR ALIVE AT DINNER PARTY - Stephen Fry, Lord Byron, Dante Rossetti, Steve Buscemi, John Cusack, Ville Valo, Poe, Marquis De Sade, Jack Nicholson & John Malcovich.


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE - Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


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