Ghost Movies - Bumps in the night, Casper & Destiny discuss paranormal ghost films.

When Animals Attack - fan favourite - Destiny & Casper discuss films where animals attack.

The Ozploitation Podcast is Casper Jean Rimbaud and Destiny West's Podcast which discusses all things horror and film related. Including interviews, and film reviews. The podcasts are done in full length, plus a series of Oz bytes which are mini podcasts. Enjoy.

The Communion Retrospective - interview with Philippe Mora

Oz Byte - 20 words of mayhem. Destiny & Casper shoot 20 words at eachother asking for a word back in quick response.

Psycho Retrospective - Casper & Destiny discuss the Psycho movies.

Evil Children - Let's face it, we have all met one or two. Casper and Destiny discuss evil children in horror films.

The Werewolf Genre - Casper & Destiny discuss all things that howl at the full moon.

Oz Byte - Sex in Horror films. Destiny & Casper discuss sex in horror films and why it is a horror movie staple.

Aussie Horror Films - Casper & Destiny's debut show discusses Australian horror films.